In winter, you must have three treasures, hats, scarves and headgear. They are warm, fashionable and comfortable


First of all, scarves, whether warm in the south or cold in the north, are still sharp when the winter wind blows. With scarves, you can keep warm. This year, it is very popular to combine the scarf and shawl into one to become a part of the style, which is fashionable and warm.
This kind of wearing method is also simple. People with disabled hands can do it. It can be placed on the shoulder and fixed in the middle of the belt to form a good sense of shape. Or it can be enclosed from the neck and then naturally fall on the coat. If you are commuting by car, you can wear it as a coat. Entering the warm room, you can change freely, and wear easily and attractively.
This element of scarves as clothing is good and helpful for shaping the texture of big women. It is a new trend in scarves this winter in terms of concave shape and style.
There is also a scarf element that I found unexpectedly, which is also full of surprises. It is a fur scarf with its own noble material, which immediately improves the texture of your winter coat.

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