Each of the 12 constellations' beautiful hats and scarves is like a private customization, which is warm and beautiful


In the cold winter, scarves and hats can not only keep warm, but also add a bright color to heavy clothing. Let's have a look at the beautiful hat and scarf suit suitable for 12 constellations.
1. Taurus
The wine red color is classic and durable. The wool with plush material shows a sense of texture. Although Taurus women are frugal, they always pursue quality life and only buy things with texture.
2. Capricorn
Capricorn women have a weak material desire. They don't buy anything they can not buy. What they must buy is more practical. This rider's hat scarf, pink, adds to Capricorn women's girlish heart. The rider's shape is simple, fashionable and durable.
3. Scorpio
Scorpio women don't like attracting bees and attracting butterflies. They are cold. The navy blue is both dignified and mysterious. The shape of the neck is simple and low-key, and the wool cap adds a little girl's heart.
4. Aries
The Aries Girl is warm and lively. Yellow is the warm color of passion, giving a feeling of youth and vigor. The beard is very cute, highlighting the owner's easy-going and free and easy manner.


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