Must have "hat" and "scarf" in winter! Warm and fashionable, creating a playful image in one second


Hats and scarves are often used by women friends to resist the cold wind in winter. Such items can not only help them to shape their desired image. And it can also create a visual sense of youth while keeping warm. The cute visual effect is reflected through this kind of simple and small pieces.
1、 Checker scarves
The square scarf should look more mature and generous, and can help the wearer adjust the monotony of the overall clothing, make the image of women more diverse, and improve the temperament to a great extent. Different types and styles of scarves will bring us different visual effects.
The black and white checkered scarf can be said to be quite good, no matter with brown down jacket or black down jacket.
The style of geometric figures can leave us a considerable sense of hierarchy visually, making the overall image look more flexible
The brown scarf can help the wearer create a retro image, while this gray and white checkered scarf can highlight the domineering style of the wearer.
This kind of square scarf with atmospheric low tone is a style that women friends can often choose when they go out everyday.
Brown scarves are matched with some clothes of similar colors, which will make the whole look more harmonious and unified. This brown long windbreaker coat matches with a vibrant orange checkered scarf in a similar color system, which makes the wearer more active and younger.
Gradual color scarves look more generous. The gray and white checkered scarves with a long tapered knitted coat are particularly attractive to the wearer. There is a mature style hidden in the overall image.
The way of matching a small suit with a brown checkered scarf is also quite beautiful. In winter, we can also choose some smart berets as embellishments to enrich the overall style of wearing.
Small square scarves look more age reducing, and the scarves with brown style are also conducive to bringing us a sense of youthful vitality visually. This kind of scarf with youthful color can be matched with black and white pieces with classic color.

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